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Oct 13, 2022

Wisdom of Solomon and the Anabaptists

A few years back, I presented a paper on the Anabaptist use of Wisdom of Solomon, pointing  out how the Anabaptists seem to have cited Wisdom as Scripture, not just a helpful source, and exploring the reason behind that.

The paper is entitled "Attempting to Solve a 16th-Century Canonical Anomaly: Why Did the Anabaptists Cite Wisdom of Solomon as Scripture?"

Though most of my presented papers have ended up getting published in peer-reviewed journals eventually, I do not feel that this paper is up to the level of a solid, peer-reviewed academic article. It is hardly my area of specialty, and, in fact, I have had two rejections, though the rejection from Sixteenth Century Journal contained helpful feedback (It was also the most polite rejection I have ever received! Kudos to SCJ for that).

Having said that, there is some original research here that represents hours of work, and even just the raw data of some key Anabaptist citation of Wisdom might be helpful. Consequently, I am posting it on Academia.edu as well as GoogleDrive, for those that are interested.  

This is not the first time I have written on Wisdom of Solomon, as the Festschrift for Dr. David Alan Black (the first one) contains my essay "Wisdom and the Sojourning Saints or Christ and the Wandering Sinners? The Wilderness Wandering Motif in Hebrews as a Reaction to Wisdom of Solomon."