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Oct 24, 2017

Teaching and Preaching in Kenya!

In September, I had the great privilege of preaching and teaching in Kenya, my first trip overseas in over 12 years, and my first time ministering in any country other than Japan and the USA. A shoutout to Pastor and Mrs. Halstead for their awesome hospitality! (I stayed in Thika, Kenya, mostly, but the college and seminary are in in Nairobi).

Before I give you the highlights of my experience, some photos:

The student body of Independent Baptist College of Ministry and Theological Seminary (chapel service):


Giraffe (no fence between us, or between myself and any of the other animals below. The giraffe wouldn't let me get too close, though):

Impala (I think; with gazelles flanking it):

Zebra and Warthog:

And now, my highlights:

1. Teaching Kenyan theology students to refute the Bauer Thesis! (I was teaching New Testament Intro at the seminary, using my own doctoral advisor's book).

2. Preaching a total of 6 times (I almost lost my voice, since I was sick with a cold entering Kenya but the Lord was gracious!).

3. Meeting Kenyan believers, including pastors, and getting to know them. Also, fellowshipping with and getting to know the American missionaries.

4. Various culinary experiences, with fantastic Kenyan coffee and even more fantastic Ethiopian coffee (the missionary families and I went to an authentic Ethiopian restaurant in Nairobi).

5. Taking a Monday to go hiking in a place with plenty of wild animals!

The Lord was good!