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Mar 31, 2014

Academic journals accessible online: Part 3 (key foreign language journals)

The first post in this series focused on journals that would be beneficial to Christians in general, for any kind of research (e.g., gathering background info for your Sunday School lesson), while highlighting those available for free on-line. The second post focused on journals that grad students should be familiar with, depending upon their field of study, once again pointing out what was available on-line. Finally, this section will mention more obscure, foreign language journals that doctoral students might need to consult (at least 3 of these journals were cited in my own dissertation/forthcoming book). Please note that archive.org can be helpful as far as viewing older, public domain issues of some of the more long-lived journals.

One final comment. It goes without saying that doctoral students need to be citing foreign language sources in their papers, and quite a few foreign language articles and essays (but especially articles) should show up in his or her dissertation. You don’t have to be a genius to do this, but just persistent (working with a foreign language source would take me a lot more time than working with an equivalent English source, and it’s not like I was reading anything from start to finish, either!) Nevertheless, doctoral students need to be familiar with all significant research on their topic, not just what’s readable in their own language.

1. Archive für die Reformationsgeschichte. Website: click here.    Not available for free. Interestingly, however, older issues are viewable for free at archive.org (click here).

2. Biblica. Website is here, but issues are viewable for free here.

3. Biblische Zeitschrift. I struggled finding the actual website for this journal (might work on it later), but older issues may be viewable at archive.org, here.

4. Foi et Vie. Website is here. Could not find any options to view past issues.

5. Kerygma und Dogma. I don’t think I found the home website per se, but past issues may be purchased here.

6. Revue des sciences religieuses. Excellent! Full text issues are available up through 2009 (as of the time of this post). Go here

7. Revue d’histoire et de philosopie religieuses. Click here. In a reversal of the norm, articles since (not before) 2002 are available for free.

8. Zeitschrift fur die neutestamentliche wissenschaft. Click here. Articles must be purchased, but older issues may be viewable for free at archive.org (click here).

9. Zeitschrift fur die alttestamentliche wissenschaft. Click hereSame as above, articles must be purchased, but older articles viewable for free at archive.org (click here).