The Paroikos Bible Blog exists as a resource to those interested in Biblical studies and Koine Greek. It is hoped that this blog will simultaneously provide food-for-thought to the reader while pointing him or her in the direction of valuable resources, both in print and on the internet, that will further help his or her studies in the Word.

Jan 1, 2011


In celebration of the new year, I've finally created my own blog, what I hope will be a useful academic resource. I'll mostly be focusing on New Testament, Koine Greek, and translation studies, but might branch out into some other areas as well. In addition, I'm hoping to add posts from others who wish to contribute (first up in a couple weeks will be my father, missionary John Himes, with a short essay on Relevance Theory in Bible translation. For more information on me, please see the sidebar. Please scroll down to see my first official post, a discussion of John H. Elliott's influential book on 1 Peter, A Home for the Homeless.

My reasons for this blog are mainly two-fold: 1. I have a tendency towards laziness, and this blog will force me to write on a fairly consistent basis, and 2. I love biblical studies, especially the NT, and hope to become a useful resource for other like-minded Bible students (if not in what I write, then at least in other resources I refer to!) With that in mind, thanks to all of you who take time out of your busy schedule to give this blog a look.

"Paroikos," by the way, is the term used in 1 Peter 2:11 to basically refer to one who is socially (and, perhaps, nationally) displaced; the KJV renders the plural "strangers," the ESV as "sojourners," and the NET as "foreigners" (for further lexical discussion, see the works by Elliott and Chin, discussed in my first post).

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